Sciatica Pain In Hip And Leg

sciatica pain in hip and legSciatica Pain In Hip And Leg
Sciatica, the low down, Sciatica involves the combination of quite a few parts of the body including the legs, hip and back. Sciatica itself is pain that comes from the lower back of an individual. The point of origin being the lower back, the pain travels downwards through the Sciatic nerve which is located in the back of the leg. At that point is where the pain is most apparent manifesting itself in various forms including; incessant tingling or weakness of the limb at that point. Various ways of dealing with the pain have been suggested and one that is gaining a lot of traction in the medical world is acupressure for Sciatica. This involves the practice of putting pressure on certain parts of the body by a practitioner to relieve the pain.

In Depth Information on Sciatica

The underlying theme for all the manifestations of Sciatica is pain, more often than not the pain will affect the day to day functioning of an individual. Pain is usually focused on one side of the leg and in some cases both sides. Sciatic pain in itself is caused by quite a few varying reasons since it is merely a set of symptoms rather than the primary diagnosis. Relief for Sciatic back pain therefore would be easier to administer if the core diagnosis was found. The basic concept is that sciatic pain is caused by nerves that move towards the legs being compressed unusually. There are various reasons that can lead to such a thing happening including;

1. Degenerative Disc Disease is one of the most popular causes. This happens when a disc degenerates more than usual and the disc becomes weak and as such the inflammatory Proteins housed there are exposed and they cause bother to the nerves in that location.

2. Actually the most common cause is a Lumbar Herniated Disc. What happens is that the nucleus of the disc leaks and causes irritation to nerve roots. This will result in a Herniated disc or a slipped disk which then goes on to have sciatic symptoms.

3. Isthmic Spondylolisthesis , this is when a stress fracture causes vertebra to slip over each other. This then leads to the nerves either getting caught in between which will cause stress and as a result Sciatica.

4. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, this is a condition whereby the Sacroiliac joint which is at the base of the spine causes bother to the overlying nerves leading to Sciatica pains. Treatment Relief for Sciatica back pain is sought by most people who have extremely no idea what is wrong with their legs while it is the back that is the origin of the pain. The numbness sometimes caused by the sciatic pain is incapacitating and can cause one to be temporarily immobile. Acupressure for sciatica has been found to be very effective since it deals directly with sciatica pressure points which are the same as the acupressure points.

Sciatica acupuncture points are where the needles are placed during acupuncture which is also an alternative relief for sciatica back pain where needles are placed. The points where the needles are placed are called meridians which directly correspond to certain body parts. Thus, when the needles are inserted there they directly relieve the pain felt by releasing the pressure to get the body working well again.
Acupressure as mentioned above is also more or less the same as acupuncture but instead of needles, pressure is applied via hands and fingers by the practitioner. This is non evasive and serves the same purpose as the acupuncture needles, acupressure for sciatica has been found to be the most preferred method for most people. Acupressure for sciatica is actually administered even at home but the people who do it do not recognize exactly what they are doing so they might miss quite a few acupuncture pressure points.

Alternative methods to these two have been fronted including yoga and exercises but the above two have been found to work best. The most enduring lesson from having sciatica is to constantly exercise to dovetail with the treatment being administered. While the problem might never result into anything permanent, it is useful to have it dealt with in the early stages to avoid greater risks.